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Whose Email Is It, Anyway? The Case for Company-Owned Email Accounts


Email is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, and while free email services like Gmail and Hotmail are convenient and easy to set up, they can cause problems for small businesses. In this article, we'll explore why it's crucial for small businesses to have control over their employees' email accounts and how Brentwood Visual Digital Marketing can help you set up and manage professional, domain-based email for your company.

Loss of Control: Company Communications on External Email Providers

When employees use free email services like Gmail or Hotmail for company communications, they move these important conversations outside the company's control. This can create difficulties in managing and securing sensitive information, as well as potentially causing legal and compliance issues.

All communications created by an on-the-clock employee should be treated as company property. This means that the company should have full control over and access to these communications, which is impossible when employees use personal email accounts. In addition, it's important for companies to have the ability to retrieve these communications if an employee leaves the organization or in the event of a dispute.

With outside email accounts, it can be difficult or impossible to retrieve communications once an employee leaves the company. This can lead to lost information and missed opportunities, as well as potential legal and compliance problems. Furthermore, companies may need to access an employee's account during their employment, for example, to conduct performance reviews or to retrieve critical information when an employee is on vacation.

The Solution: Company-Owned, Domain-Based Email

One way to solve these problems is to use company-owned, domain-based email that includes your company's domain name. This keeps all email communications under the business's control and ensures that they are treated as company property. Moreover, domain-based email accounts communicate professionalism to your customers and clients in a way that public email addresses don't.

One of the advantages of domain-based email is the flexibility it offers in terms of access. Instead of logging into a website each day to check email, employees can choose from a variety of email clients that install on your computer. Popular email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and our personal favorite, Spark, make it easy to manage your domain-based email accounts directly from your computer or mobile device. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency but also allows you to have all your email accounts in one place for seamless management. Of course, webmail access is still available for those who prefer using their browser, or who may not have a dedicated workstation to use. (We have an entire article about ways to access domain-based email, available here!)

Domain-based email is available with every Brentwood Visual hosting plan, with options available for a variety of access options and storage levels. Our team is happy to work with our clients to plan and manage a solution that works best for them.

Alternative: Google Workspace for Familiarity and Control

If your employees are tied to Gmail, you can also explore a Google Workspace plan. This option allows them to keep using a familiar interface while moving the accounts to company control. Google Workspace offers various plans to suit your business's needs, and Brentwood Visual can help you find the right one.

Small businesses must take control of their employees' email communications to protect company information and ensure professionalism. By using company-owned, domain-based email or exploring Google Workspace, businesses can enjoy a professional and secure email solution. At Brentwood Visual Digital Marketing, we're here to help you navigate these options and create the perfect email solution for your business. To get started, visit our website or contact us today.

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