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Build relationships and visibility

Social Media Marketing

Connect with existing customers and reach new ones with strategically planned and executed social campaigns.

If you need to create awareness, drive brand recognition, or build digital relationships, social media is where that can happen. Use social media to promote content from your website, keep your audience engaged in the goings-on in your business, and drive long-term relationships that convert to revenue.

  • Social Media Ads

    If you need to expose your business to new audiences, then social media advertising is something you can't afford to pass up.

    Brentwood Visual's social team creates detailed audience profiles which allow us to precisely target your likely customers. We then use paid social channels to reach them repeatedly with value-add content from your website, creating visibility and brand identification that translates to conversions which drive revenue.

    Magnifying Glass

    Brand Visibility

    Repeated exposure keeps your brand top-of-mind for consumers when they're ready to make a buying decision

    Audience Targeting

    Precise Targeting

    We build audiences based on geography, demographics, interests, behaviors, history, and more

    User interaction

    Drive Deeper Engagement

    Campaigns are designed to encourage continued engagement with more content

    User like

    No-Fatigue marketing

    We keep the relationship fresh and social by providing useful content instead of sales pitches

  • Social Page Management

    Any business can make a sale and move on to the next customer. Smart businesses turn customers into lifelong fans.

    Organic social media posts allow you to personalize the business in the eyes of your customers, creating long-term loyalty and building relationships that go beyond a one-time sale.


    Relational Marketing

    We design campaigns built on personalization and loyalty, not a constant sales pitch


    Strategic Planning

    A campaign without a plan is doomed to fail. Brentwood Visual combines solid long-term planning with nimble short-term execution.


    Embrace Spontaneity

    We integrate pre-planned strategic posts with "guess what just happened" looks inside your business for a social presence that never gets old


    Personalization is Priority

    People like to do business with people they know, so we present your company as a collection of individuals rather than a corporate entity

Build your online exposure effortlessly
Exposure and Relationships

Social Marketing Package

If you're ready to create unmatched online visibility for your business, our Social Marketing Package provides everything you need for repeated engagement with your new and existing audience.

Get Started With:

  • Bi-monthly planning meeting
  • Audience analysis
  • Customized social media strategy
  • Long-term editorial calendar
  • Monthly content calendar written by our team
  • 6-12 posts monthly on your social media page/profile
  • $300 monthly ad spend included in cost
  • 2-4 new ads each month
  • Full audience targeting
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Regular ad account review
  • Live reporting dashboard for real-time insights

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